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Factors That Determine Whether You Need the Help of Estate Planning Attorneys

By: Marc J. Bluementhal

Is it time to consult an estate planning attorney or can you handle this task alone?  What are some of the factors that can help determine if you need the services of estate planning attorneys?  This is an important question to consider, because no one likes paying for extra expenses.  Then again, what are the risks if you go about estate planning on your own?  The risks are great indeed.  The entire job of estate planning attorneys is to make sure a will is honored and that no complications occur.

An Estate Planning Attorney Keeps Things Legal

It is quite common to assume everything is cut and dry and then find out months or even years later that a family member is contesting inheritance.  Without a will, there can be huge problems and people who deserve money or property (even by verbal or written assurances) can be left disappointed.  For that matter, estate planning attorneys do not merely handle dispensing a will—they also make sure that everything cited in the document is legal and made official by state and or federal law.  Oftentimes, what goes wrong is not the will or lack of a will, but the fact that state laws have not been followed.    An Estate Planning Attorney Anticipates All Scenarios   Estate planning attorneys anticipate these types of problems, as they have experience working with the law, with families and with complex situations involving full, partial or absent wills.  Estate planning attorneys can help individuals or families resolve all of these issues, and not only issues of money but also in the adoption of children, and overseeing last wishes—however unique they may be.  There are also medical issues that might need to be addressed by a qualified estate planning attorney.  When there is no one available to make a decision or put something in writing, a power of attorney arrangement will be necessary and an estate planning attorneys are best qualified to handle these issues.

Other Services Offered by an Estate Planning Attorney   Estate planning attorneys can also assist in complex issues involving healthcare requests, finding witnesses to a will signing, and finding legal ways to avoid taxes and perhaps even avoid state penalties in the event of questioned will creation.  Estate planning attorneys can help you keep the situation controlled and official—recognized by a state court, which is the final authority.   An estate planning attorney can ensure you never hear of the matter again!   Hire Someone with Expertise by Working with an Estate Planning Attorney   So, ask yourself as you decide whether or not to consult estate planning attorneys if you can afford to lose a property or a cash gift.  Because if you do not have legal expertise there is a good possibility you may not get everything that you want—especially if many people are contesting a will.  Estate planning attorneys can help you avoid life-altering mistakes by anticipating everything that could happen.  This is the estate planning attorney expertise that comes from years of working with estate planning and inheritance cases.  Why not consult with an experienced estate planning attorney today and take steps to ensure a will is honored.

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