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Electronic Records Management – Benefits and Security
By Daniel A Baker
Electronic records management is a way to manage your documents electronically so that you can store them electronically, but have access to them from different computers. Many businesses today are moving towards, if not already at a point of managing their records electronically.

In this day and age of computers, it makes sense to manage records electronically. With companies spreading out or having different locations, yet totally being tied together with the internet, it just makes plain sense to have an electronic records management system. In fact, it is so important that many companies absolutely require it, It has become the standard in business, rather than the exception. If there is a company who is not managing their records electronically, usually they are a very small company, or they are doing something very wrong that they could improve upon.

When you have electronic records management, it means that you need to have a very secure network, that is one thing to be really focused on when you are storing records electronically – security. If your network is not safe or of someone can easily break into it, then you need to fix that. Even if it is secure from the inside. Records that are private or confidential need to be kept away from every employee – many companies have very strict standards about that.

Because electronic records management has become the status quo lately, it is important to be able to have the infrastructure to manage it. Organization is key. What this means is that the files have to be grouped and stored in a way that is easy to understand, so that documents don’t get lost in the shuffle. Part of this means that there should be an understandable and clear method for naming the files that is intuitive and not gibberish.

For example, it is better to use a system of names and numbers that make sense in your electronic records management. For example, you would not want a bunch of electronic records named things like “ZI47a23FGE” unless they were in a sequence that could be understood. It is much better to name files something with the date along with names and numbers, for example: “2011-06-23 Personnel Review”.

Managing records electronically just makes sense in the modern world of computers and filing. There are so many benefits to it, and as long as your network is secure and administered well, the choice to use electronic records management makes financial and organizational sense.

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