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LEGAL  A Variety of Legal Issues Can Be Addressed Every Year

  • Protect your personal assets from business liability through a California Corporation
      or an LLC
  • Ensure that insurance policies have adequate coverage for defense   
  • Adequately capitalize your entity; keep entity separate from personal activity

FINANCIAL  Annual Financial Check-Up Is Important To Stay On Track!

  • Speak to financial advisor annually to re-evaluate goals and assess portfolio; re-balance retirement portfolio annually
  • Check beneficiary designations on each financial account for consistency with estate plan
  • Tax Returns – keep at least four years worth from date of filing

CREDIT  Protect Against Fraud and Identity Theft

  • Order a credit report from Equifax, Experian and Trans Union annually
  • Fix any reporting errors with each credit reporting agency
  • Evaluate credit cards for interest rates and offers and make changes accordingly; review
      statements monthly for accuracy
  • Shred financial documents with personal information older than three years (except for
      income tax records)
  • Photocopy current credit cards and file for safekeeping with financial records; destroy
      inactive cards

ESTATE PLANNING Protect Your Family From Expensive Probate And Taxes

  • Update or create Will
  • Update or create Living Trust – particularly if you have real property
  • Update or create Advance Health Care Directives
  • Update or create Durable Power of Attorney for Property
  • Update or create Guardianship Documents for Minor Children

INSURANCE  Protect Against the Unexpected And Save Money

  • Purchase life insurance policy or reevaluate existing policy to determine if needs are met;    consult with CPA before canceling life insurance policy for tax ramifications
  • Ensure that property and casualty policy is sufficient to cover loss
  • Purchase umbrella policy to cover unexpected insurance events
  • Long Term Care Insurance – purchase a policy or consult with a Medicaid attorney if a policy is not appropriate for you
  • Purchase a Funeral Expense Pre-Need Policy
  • Ensure that home owner’s insurance coverage is adequate to cover  boats or other watercraft or airplanes and replacement coverage of home and contents

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